Turtlewood Square: The Rough Road to Little Saigon

Update, 6/20: Hoang has issued a statement about his nanny.

Mayor Parker has requested a separate city investigation into whether council member Al Hoang forged the signatures of 16 neighbors in a bid to change the name of his street from Turtlewood Dr. to Little Saigon Dr. A petition requesting the name change was circulated among the residents of Turtlewood Square — a development of 47 nine-or-so-year-old homes located behind a Bellaire Blvd. strip center just west of Arthur Storey Park. A lawsuit filed by several residents of the development alleges that the when the petition was given to Hoang it didn’t have the signatures of the required 75 percent of residents. The lawsuit claims that by the time Hoang submitted the petition to the city, it had gained an additional 16 names — all forged. Hoang appears to have told 11 News reporter Jeremy Rogalski that he believes his nanny — who no longer works for him — was responsible for the extra names. After the allegations of forgery, Hoang submitted a direct request for the name change to the city’s planning department. The mayor has put both name change requests on hold pending resolution of the investigation.

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  • So without the forged signatures the name change fails, then Councilmember Hoang, who’s accused of forging them, bypasses the petition process and the will of the residents and tries to change the name through the city council? Wow.

  • Why doesnt anyone think there is something terribly wrong with naming a street anywhere in the United States. “little saigon”. More to the point, how can we elect someone as a councilman in Houston, who wishes to try to turn some portion of this town into a facsimile of another country, one which we lost soldiers in, albeit they do not mind the riches from graft they can obtain here.
    Frankl I try to be open minded but this disgusts me.

  • There goes the neighborhood…