The New Stand-Up Place on Almeda for Late-Night Take-Out Sausage

Chicago's Famous Maxwell Street Grill, 4902 Almeda Rd., Museum Park, Houston

A reader who’s already delved a bit into the menu at the “definitely not fine dining, but really tasty stuff” offered at the Maxwell Street Grill walkup (or more likely, driveup) that opened up last Saturday in the former Discount Liquor store spot at 4902 Almeda Rd. between Wichita and Rosedale has a few tips for follow-on sausage samplers: “A big pro is that it’s open late every night: until midnight Monday through Wednesday, and until 3am Thursday through Sunday. Definitely decent fare along the Almeda/Museum District corridor, for which there’s a demand. Happy to have it close to my house, especially since I’m from Chicago originally.”


There appear to be several similar Chicago outfits banking on the Maxwell Street meat rep, with a few variants in their names. Which one is this descended from? “The two gentlemen behind the counter today at lunch were straight from the original Chicago franchise,” our dog-taster reports. “So this outfit is affiliated with Chicago’s Maxwell Street Grill.”

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From Maxwell St. to Almeda Rd.

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  • I love this area. So close to midtown/rice/montrose/museum, etc. yet super super cheap homes to buy / apts to rent.

  • @Cody – we’re looking to move back over there after a year and a half renting in bellaire. any landlords you do/do not recommend?

  • Great for this hood. +1 restaurant, -1 liquor store.

  • I thought Montrose was the best place to get some late-night sausage.

  • ah: Not really. Depends on budget. Just check out HAR for apt/home rentals. We have some stuff but it’s not that great (to be honest).