The Strip Center with Offices Above Planned for the Corner of Chimney Rock and San Felipe

Here’s another development that the Oxberry Group has planned: a strip center for the northwest corner of San Felipe and Chimney Rock Rd. dubbed Shops at Tanglewood. The 2-story retail building and its parking lot would go in place of 4 houses that currently occupy the corner east of the Gables Tanglewood apartments — one pair fronts San Felipe and the other sits along Chimney Rock, as you can sort of see in this map:


A 79-space parking lot would have entrances off both streets as well as a delivery driveway to the north, behind the building.

The development would be another break in the strip of residences that lines Chimney Rock north of Westheimer.

Rendering, site plan, and map: Edge Realty

Residential Replacement

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  • The traffic heading south on Chimney Rock already backs up to about Sugar Hill Dr from about 3:30 until 6 every weekday. I dont see this development helping that. And on closer inspection, with the median cuts (or lack of) you can only access this development heading south on Chimney Rock, or west on San Felipe, but I guess this area was lacking dry cleaners, hair salons, bistros and parking spots.

  • Would it kill them to put the parking in the back?

  • it would be great if they could have it front up against San Felipe. to hide the parking lot and make it seem more pedestrian friendly.

  • TMR- of course not, but very few developers here are thinking with thee old noggin

  • @TMR: Just walk around to the other side and pretend that’s the front. Then the parking lot will be in the back! A walkable solution!

  • I Agree with @TMR. That delivery access in the back is tiny! I can’t imagine where they’re planning to put the dumpster as it needs an area wide enough to accommodate the dumpster truck. If truly to scale, the alley way is just slightly wider than 2 parking spaces. I hope two businesses don’t get rear deliveries at the same time.
    On the other hand, I’ll bet the current owners of the effected homes received well above market value for them. Being Tanglewood, I’m sure they didn’t go cheap!

  • Oxberry Group has questionable business ethics! An offer was made to the residence of Briarcroft in return for severing these properties from the Deed Restrictions that were on the land. They made the offer of a one time cash gift to the Association and said they would pay the homeowners dues for anyone the voted for it. They did not get enough votes do they said they would do the gift and upped the amount they would give for yes votes. This second offer was not presented and voteing start over. They just bribed residence until they acquired enough votes to sever the property from Briarcroft. VERY SHADY!!!

  • My understanding is that the 3 homes being converted to retail fall under Briarcrofts deed restrictions, not Tanglewoods. I heard the same as Ross, that Ox made a $100k donation to Briaracrofts HOA.

  • These guys sound like complete clowns:

    “We’re urban developers with a firm commitment to creating communities thorough understanding Houston’s unique environment and culture.”

    There’s nothing urban about this, partner. Also, just remember that this proposal is not only subject to the review of the City Attorney’s office, but the planning department and ultimately the Houston Planning Commission. Hopefully staff will try to work with these “unique urban developers” to re situate the building so as to match the building wall established by the adjacent mixed used apartment complex.

  • I never pursued this because I knew it was deed restricted – it never occcured to me to bribe the HOA. Alas, I imagine the basis will be high and competing with Slosberg and the Bernstein will be hard. The second story portion will fail though, it always does in Houston. I admire their bravado though but rents can only go so high even on San Felipe. It reminds me of the Piada Dunkin Donuts deal on Memorial. Retail at any cost, any cost!