The Top-Secret Downtown Location of Houston’s New Freetail Brewpub

THE TOP-SECRET DOWNTOWN LOCATION OF HOUSTON’S NEW FREETAIL BREWPUB The Freetail Brewing Co.’s second-ever brewpub will go into 20,000 sq. ft. of “a historic building in downtown Houston,” the company announced today. What’s the address? “Out of respect to the developer, the exact location cannot be named at this time,” reads the press release. Respect! Oh, yeah, and a few details are still to be worked out, including some financing that’ll need to be complete within 90 days. The $4.2 million facility will span 3 floors of the mystery building and include a company store, plus restaurant and bar space. It appears the Houstonification of the San Antonio company has already begun: “Unlike Freetail’s original location, which is primarily one big room with a patio overlooking the Texas hill country, Freetail Houston will feature traditional restaurant seating, private dining space, and a “game room” with pool tables, shuffleboard, darts and numerous televisions.” We’re guessing that downtown building isn’t on a pad site by the freeway, though. [Beer, TX]

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  • The old Cielo location?

  • Could it be in the old Cotton Exchange Building? I seem to remember there was a bar on the second floor.

  • Don’t forget about this little brewery taking shape in Rice Military

  • The story at has a quote from the owner of the company, saying it’ll be near the new Dynamo stadium:

  • This is good. Sounds a lot like Wyncoop Brewery in Denver. Which I think is a great place to spend an evening.

    Although I do wonder about the market in Houston for fine craft brews. Plus the folks at Budweiser are doing their best to keeps these guys from being successful. Of course Bud will deny everything.

    If they take some lessons from Dogfish in Delaware, they may do ok.

  • ..A consbeeracy theory?

  • I was thinking where St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin used to be (also where Cielo’s used to be Cd). If they get that space, it’ll be a nice addition to Market Square/Main Street area – and fill that space that’s been pretty empty for years. Thougha friend of mine is thinking where Live Sports Bar used to be – there lots of room on the ground and had an outside bar as well

  • If their San Antonio location overlooks the Hill Country, maybe the one here will overlook Buffalo Bayou? No hills here, but we do have a bayou!

  • I think St. Arnold’s would be more worried than Budweiser.

  • I’m bored already

  • The Budweiser theory is weak. No evidence, not even any mention of what “doing their best” entails. Are they setting off stink bombs in the parking lot? Putting bananas in the tailpipes of construction equipment? Sneaking Budweiser into the good beer?
    I’m waiting…

  • Would the historic “Former Albert Thomas Convention Center” qualify?

    This is H-town, after all.

  • Budweiser was a major force in opposing new legislation in the Texas house that would allow craft brewers to sell beer to the public from their brewery.

  • My guess is the old building at the southwest corner of Fannin and Capitol. There’s been some activity in/around it lately, and that’s close enough to say “near” the Dynamo Stadium with a straight face — a dozen or so blocks.

  • Actually, I have heard a rumor that it will be occupying the building(s) where ISIS (Old Mercury Room) is currently located on Prarie, in between Main and Fannin. It would be a decent area, since word is out that they are going to renovate the building next to it at the corner of Fannin and Prarie.

  • The Wilson Building (Fannin & Prairie) has 30,000 square feet in four floors, so I think 1311 is right.