The Woodlands Express Has Arrived Its Real-Time Bus Mapping Future

THE WOODLANDS EXPRESS HAS ARRIVED ITS REAL-TIME BUS MAPPING FUTURE Note: This story has been updated to indicate that METRO also has a real-time bus mapping app. Now you can know exactly how far your The Woodlands Express bus is from picking you up thanks to the township’s recently-released transit tracking service. The tool, powered by transportation mapping company Ride Systems, is accessible right now through The Woodlands’ mobile ticketing app (launched in August) and at this webpage — which indicates all Woodlands Express vehicles at as they proceed along their designated routes. (Things are a bit slow at midday compared to commuter hours.) METRO — which has nothing to do with The Woodlands’ in-house transit agency — released its own mobile ticketing app in 2016, as well as a companion app called METRO Trip that features live location data for its fleet of buses. [Community Impact] Photo of The Woodlands Express bus: The Woodlands Township

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  • This is not totally correct. METRO’s TRIP app has been providing map based, real-time bus locations for at least the past year. Unfortunately the TRIP app and the ticketing app are separate. Here’s hoping it gets consolidated into one common platform. Would be nice if all the agencies coordinated so you could see all your options and buy tickets in one place. #OneApptoRuleThemAll

  • @Fred thanks for checking us on this. We’ve made some corrections to the story to set things straight

  • Fred beat me to it. The Metro bashers will need to put more effort in it.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve taken public transportation but I just assumed there was some sort of “bus app” that would show you routes, times, charges, where buses are, delays, etc. Is that not the case?

  • the METRO TRIP app with realtime locations/arrival times has been around for quite awhile… I used it when I lived in Houston 5-ish years ago. One of the few things about Houston’s public transit that was (at the time) ahead of other places. And utterly indispensable given that the “schedules” were/are(?) more like “suggested intervals”