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  • Once again, I’m obviously not seeing something, because I don’t find anything unusual or quirky to warrant this as a home listing of the day. Seems like nice remodeling has been done, and the covered patio is really great. I’m not a suburb person, but it’s not bad.

  • worthy of many fine cannonballs.

  • @J-squared, look for the giant stuffed animal in the corner.

  • j squared- I’m guessing it’s referring to the corner of the bed where the sheets aren’t properly tucked. If that’s the case then it’s quite a stretch.

  • J-squared: I agree with you. I’m not seeing it either.

  • Not a lot of the interior design is my cup of tea, but that house is nicely understated with a wonderful backyard and covered porch area by the pool. It is kind of funny that a house from the go go 80s compares to the current in your face, I am rich bitch style of home building.