There’s Now an Open House at the Open House Planted in the Middle of Sam Houston Park

A new downtown hole-in-the-wall is making its debut at the foot of the city’s longstanding famous buildings. Among all the openings in the house now standing in the middle of Sam Houston Park, the most accessible one (ADA-certified) is at the end of the ramp pictured above. Cherry Moving was the first to add holes to the building: it inserted the more conventional windows after scooping up the 80-year old, 16-by-24-ft. single-story from the East End in order to resell it. The buyers: serial house tweakers Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, who perforated its façades and lined the bubbles with PVC piping to make them watertight.

You can see the piping’s light blue tint from the angle below:


After aerating all 4 walls of the structure — dubbed “Open House” — their next step was repainting it:

On the inside, they added new wallpaper made up of old photographs:

Some of which are cut-off by skyline views:

Photos: Swamplox inbox (ramp); Havel Ruck Projects (all others)

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