Tremont Tower Tarp Returns After Brief Hiatus

Tremont Tower Condos, 3311 Yupon St., WAMM, Houston, 77006

A reader peers up the Westheimer-facing side of the Tremont Tower condo building, noting that the longterm resident tarp has recently settled back onto its habitual spot atop the dome behind Austin export Doc’s Bar & Grill (between Graustark and Yupon streets). The photographer previously caught the tarp neglecting its station about a month ago (shortly after that late-Feburary windy spell), giving the lemon-yellow dome its day (or few weeks) in the sun after at least a year under cover:


Tremont Tower Condos, 3311 Yupon St., WAMM, Houston, 77006

Tremont Tower Condos, 3311 Yupon St., WAMM, Houston, 77006

Photos: Hey Hey Houston


Under Cover on Westheimer Rd.

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  • That dome looks a little more like “copper” colored than lemon-yellow, but I am told that sometimes I am color blind.

  • What exactly is the point behind this story, other than “tarp stays on building for long time”?

  • Is the lemon-yellow a reference to the original days of this building, when the owners of the units (who couldn’t live there due to health concerns) used to stand out on Wertheimer with big “got sold a lemon” signs?

  • So has this place shaken off all it’s shackles of foreclosure & mold issues and is on sound footing? Safe to live in? What’s the story with this place now?

  • I’m curious about that too. Real curious if anyone actually owns and lives in any of the units there…or is it all just “investors,” banks, etc. Used to see these come up on all of the time…but don’t recall seeing any lately…

  • I remember looking into this place when it was an empty lot with a sales trailer/mobile office.. They delayed construction at least a year, so I moved on. And good thing!!! It’s a piece of shit wood frame construction. I will never buy or rent in a multi-family/story made of wood frame. It needs to be imploded. Glad I opted for a mid century ranch at the time.

  • That whole building is a nightmare. The builder used shoddy construction methods, the windows leaked buckets during heavy rains, the residents had to sue t he lowlife builder / his insurance company to CORRECT the problems. You couldn’t pay me to live there. I’d tear it down and start over.