Warwick Towers Survives Dinosaur Attack

Note: Now there’s video! See below.

All is back to normal at the Warwick Towers condominiums across from Hermann Park after last Friday’s frightening flying dinosaur episode. For Houstonians more accustomed to tracking dinosaur migrations below the earth’s surface, the appearance of a full-scale ankylosaurus dating from the early 1960s hovering high in the sky above its recent home at the Museum of Natural Science must have been a harrowing sight:


There was no need to worry, really — this guy was likely a dedicated herbivore. A regular at HMNS since 1970, the creature from the late cretaceous is being moved to storage for the construction of HMNS’s new 115,000-sq.-ft. Duncan Family Wing, which will include a new Hall of Paleontology. The scale model, originally built for the 1964-65 World’s Fair in New York, was donated to the museum by the dinosaur-friendly Sinclair Oil Company, after a road trip that included an appearance at the Gulfgate Mall.

Update, 8:17 pm: Here’s video of the attack!

Photos: HMNS (top and bottom; license) and Jim McKinley

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