Washington Warehouse’s Rainbow Retail Re-Doing Could Lie at the End of an Extended Edwards St.

Another potential future target in striking walking range of that 542-space parking lot Lovett Commercial looks to be planning at Center and Silver streets: the color-splashed warehouse redo sketched out above, as seen in another of the company’s current leasing fliers. This one is for a facelift of the 1970s building former occupied by Mass Electric Construction Company at 1201 Oliver St., a few blocks west down the railroad tracks past Sawyer St. Clustered nearby are a fair number of other Lovett-affiliated developments (including some of the artsy hubbub between Sawyer and Silver).

Renderings and site plans suggest a cidery could be taking over the west end of the building — the flier includes a north-is-down look at plans for splitting up the space, including a cutout for a breezeway:


Edwards St., which currently stops at Sawyer, is shown extended west of its current stopping point. The building’s polygonal footprint also leaves room for a triangular parking lot bar island (complete with shipping containers):

Images: Lovett Commercial

Wash Ave Sketch