Weingarten Offering Up Maiko Spot for Makeover by the Alabama Theater

Another round of changes appears to be on the horizon for the oft-swapped Asian fusion joint just south of the former Alabama Theater, a reader notes — a leasing sign advertising the shopping center’s (only) restaurant endcap spot was spotted behind the center along W. Alabama St. last week. The space has been serving under the banner of Maiko Bar + Bistro since 2014 (reportedly acting as a test kitchen for the restaurant’s Austin location of similar name); Maiko replaced short-lived Onaga Pan Asian Bistro, which took over from Zake Sushi Lounge.

Any swapouts in the space will follow in the wake of some more skin-deep touchups the shopping center received back in January — the pastel rainbow forehead of Trader Joe’s was redone in a monotone grey-brown, as was the pale yellow block behind Petsmart‘s logo:


Photos: Margo (top), Weingarten Realty (middle), James Glassman (bottom)

S. Shepherd Restaurant Sequels

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  • With the upcoming reconstruction of Shepherd from Westheimer to 59, I can’t imagine who might want to start a restaurant at this location.

  • Bring back Butera’s

  • Wonder what the build out cost is for a fast food place or some good fried chicken would be here. If anything like the northern construction this is going to go well over schedule.
    Just have waiters on skates taking orders at Richmond & Westheimer with delivery at Alabama.

  • Needs an asian fusion restaurant. Seems to be missing from this site.

  • That restaurant available sign has been there for several week. I miss Butera’s.

  • I know what’s missing, a Mexican restaurant.

    Yeah, I thought so. This sign has been up for a month, or so. I spoke to one of the guys in the parking lot, he did not seem to concerned about it closing. Maybe he did not care about his job, or maybe he knows what’s coming?

    Perpetual Change… a good thing!

  • They need to bring back Chicken & Eggroll to the block. Man I miss that place.

  • Trader Joe’s should expand into this space……..Why, to open as mentioned in the above report, open a ” test kitchen “…………for two ( 2 ) reasons : 1) there is a present need for many chefs to ‘ test ‘ their imaginations and sweet new recipes…….and maybe allow tastings !? There are hundreds of chefs moving all around, both from excellent established restaurants and smaller techie ‘ start-ups ‘ and this would relieve pressure for a place to develop their ideas/business ! 2) presence of operating ‘ kitchen ‘ joining Trader Joe’s would bring much business to Trader Joe’s from chefs and helpers needing fresh produce, groceries and meats to do their thing. It’s a natural for both space uses……….nes pa ! ?