West U Fruit Surveillance Now in Place for Another Season

It’s just about summertime, and all you fans of fresh West University produce know what that means: Yes, it’s well past time to set up those security cameras to monitor your vulnerable front-yard fruits. “The camera and fruit-thief deterrent signs have returned,” notes the reader who sent in these photos of this ripe “either peach or nectarine” tree on Tangley, west of Buffalo Speedway. But the security effort actually appears to be a bit more subdued than last year. The bilingual warning signage featured on the tree and a few of its neighbors last season has been replaced with a smaller and simpler handwritten “Camera” warning.

Swamplot’s West U fruit scout says there’s another sign on the other side of the tree “that says something like ‘Don’t even think about it.'” No photo of that? Explains the source: “I was in a hurry and, of course, wanting to stay out of the camera’s wily view.”

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Soooo, you think that surveillance system is equipped with facial recognition? Cause if not, that little camera doesn’t scare me.

  • I guesss this works if a neighbor is stealing the fruit. If a random stranger comes, how will they be able to find someone based on a photo? Are they planning on going to Crime Stoppers or America’s Most Wanted? Seriously. It’s not like we walk around with our IDs pinned to our lapels.

  • “Seriously. It’s not like we walk around with our IDs pinned to our lapels.”


  • Does the camera have night vision? Just pick the fruit in the dark.

  • Try not tresspassing.

  • I work nearby and am hungry for a morning snack, thanks for the free fruit heads up. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if WU’s finest have the place staked out 24/7.

  • Cross-
    Rinse it first!
    Houston fruit trees, in general, require massive pesticide/fungicide treatments because of our warm humid climate.

  • Is that a City easement? If so, that is not their private property.

  • Maybe the chemicals are crime deterrents! You know who exactly who stole your apple when you find the thief dead on your lawn.

  • How many people walk their dogs by that low hanging fruit tree on that City easement? Still wanna eat it?

  • @Studes 2nd

    Ever eaten a mushroom or been on a farm? You have a lot to learn about what makes things grow my friend.

  • @Cross, sure have and can tell ya that reputable growers usually keep the livestock away from what they’re growing. But hey, if road kill is your thing — have at it.

  • This article may have just provided for a wave of malicious fruit pickers to go ravage the tree.

  • Who would want to eat something that every dog in the neighborhood walked by? Who would want neighbors like that?

  • If it’s planted in the right of way, which the photo appears to show, I say fair game.

  • It looks like the cameras are ripe early this year. At least they’ll have video of whoever takes their lipstick camera.

  • Either that, or it’s time for the West U first annual street corner comedy/vogueing session.

  • Honesty is the best policy, if you didn’t grow don’t pick it. As for my fruit tress on MY land, I dare someone to pick a fig, peach tomato or berry. You will be vanquished!!!! I have deer motion detectors and they work! First used them to deter taggers on an older house, come too close and squirt squirt with the hose.