When Meyerland Went Mauve

Just a couple rungs down from the top of the market in Meyerland is this 17-year-old fantasy on Braesheather, designed in 1993 by architect Mark Mucasey. The richly painted stucco home just a block south of Brays Bayou and two blocks southwest of the 610 Loop features a 3-car attached garage, 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and several interior hues you may not have encountered recently:


The 4,407-sq.-ft. property went on the market a month ago for $878,500. Also included with purchase is this little outdoor Kitchen:

Further gawking is possible — in person — at an open house this Sunday, from 2 to 4.

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  • There are some strange houses over there. Unfortunately, one of the strangest (Carousel House) is gone now.

  • Marmer, I do miss the Cohen house,

    I like to think a Houstonian Blanch Devoreau live in this house…

  • All that mauve makes me feel like I’m Jonah in the belly of the whale

  • Wasn’t Czarina Alexandra so fond of mauve she had a few rooms devoted to the color? Look what happened to her.

  • Studies in the 1970s showed that jail inmates became calmer in mauve rooms!

    I would guess no one ELSE…

  • We are all attuned to certain colors – obviously none of you are mauve-attuned. Or Meyerland-attuned. Meyerland has its share of plain-vanilla which is usually stark white and boring. But also its share of reds and blues and greens and yellows and every hue imaginable of each, and even some blacks and grays here and there, and the houses have a character that is not appreciated by some. Who maybe are attuned only to plain vanilla. Or stark white. And maybe boring.

  • Am I the only one who likes this house? Yeah it looks dated, but it also looks well-designed with lots of natural light and some interesting architectural details. The landscaping looks pretty nice as well.

  • I’d paint out about half the mauve in the interior – but not all of it, by a long shot. The house looks really nice.

  • I like it too. I would change some details, sure. I like the office/workshop (although I’d lose the mirrors), the back yard looks really inviting, the library/office space is nice… And the stuff I don’t like about it is relatively superficial and would be easy to change.

  • Ah my favorite harpy subject, the TSARP flood maps and the properties therein. This house is almost within the designated floodway — at 49 feet it’s probably about a 5% flood risk per year. At that level, it’s even more radioactive than that other house, without the benefit of a uber-modern design.

    Hmmm… TS Allison 1991, 5010 Braesheather 1993. Maybe the mauve is intended to mask future water stains?

  • TS Allison was 2001.