Where You Want It: Best Locations for a Houston Townhome

A reader calls attention to the listing for 902 Rhode Place Unit C, heralding a brand-new 4-story multi-pack townhome with a singular location:


The listing photos include the requisite Downtown skyscraper and Memorial Park jogger views shown above. So . . . what else is within eyeshot?


Some of that Midtown sampler urbanism from Gray St.!

Sadly, the townhome for sale isn’t just down the street from Coco’s Crepes. But it’s less than a mile away! Plus . . . uh, Gravitas is right next door.

And there’s a fine view of the business end of the Federal Reserve Bank on Allen Parkway from the rooftop:

What else would you expect from a townhome in the “MEMORIAL/MIDTOWN” market area?

Quips the reader:

All this for a list price of $415,000. For that price I would expect it to be one block from the Heights too.

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  • Aren’t there some rules against such misleading statements or photos?

  • Hillarious post but oh so in keeping with what I saw when I was looking.

  • Nope, no rules. Just hoping the buyer has some common sense to no believe it.

    This house is neat, but in a horrible location. There aren’t any trees or other buildings to shade the home.

  • Some people have more money than sense.

  • markd, you can say that again.

    If anybody on this board has seen that house by driving by it on Taft (between Dallas and Allen Pkwy), they know how weir the location is. If it was across the street it would be marginally better.

  • This is why you go through the extra effort of getting an agent that is familiar with the area. This agent is from Katy and probably looked at a map that said ‘Memorial Drive’ and noticed the greenspace alongside it and called it ‘Memorial Park’. He did a good job of failing to note this place is a block away from a housing project so kudos to him for that one.

  • Yeah.. Where is the description of the view of the housing projects right behind ?

    I’m disappointed

  • It’s in River Oaks’s zip code, so I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned as well.

  • This is neither Memorial nor Midtown. It’s either Montrose or 4th Ward depending on which side of Taft it’s on. Give me a break!

  • Sorta reminds of a listing for a townhouse I just saw on Allen Parkway that reads, “new carpet and tile in 2008” which I’m guessing is Realtor code for “flooded during Hurricane Ike.”

  • interesting, although somewhat misleading post. if you go the HAR page, it says midtown is nearby. I consider less than a mile nearby. also the comment about 1 block from memorial park looks to me like an obvious typo. that said, the house is certainly a little bit strange. it is literally right on top of Lucio’s and Gravitas and shares the parking lot with the bike store and other loft-type shops in back–for all of you that want the true urban living, this is it.

  • The one block reference a typo? I think not. The location is not even one block away from the green belt. More like sloppy misrepresentation.