Yes, the Josephine Apartments Will Be Coming Down

Josephine Apartments, 1744-1748 Bolsover St., Boulevard Oaks, Houston

After hearing news that a homebuilder bought the 8-unit 1939 brick-and-glass-block Josephine Apartments 2 blocks north of Rice University in Boulevard Oaks, it may not come as much of a surprise to learn that the building’s new owner plans to tear them down. But today a source provides confirmation that demolition and new construction is in the cards: Tricon Homes has informed residents that they will need to vacate the property by mid July.


Josephine Apartments, 1744-1748 Bolsover St., Boulevard Oaks, HoustonThe 8-unit building at 1744 and 1748 Bolsover St. was built in 1939 from an art moderne design by architect F. Perry Johnston. According to HCAD records, the property had been held by the same owner for at least 26 years. Tricon purchased it — or more properly, the land underneath it — at the end of last month.

Photos: Chris Adams

Tricon Conquers Boulevard Oaks

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  • Sad but understandable.

  • Hahaha…take that NIMBYs!!!

  • Yay for progress. Tricon builds such lovely new homes. Can’t wait to see which design cliches get thrown together on this one. I hope it’s faux stone!

  • Bummer. What a pretty property.

  • I got a red tag and nice fine for a property very similar that had that 4 step up to the door. I didn’t have a railing (this guy doesn’t either). Somehow, even without a railing on my short steps to the front door, the tenants felt safe enough with that death trap to decide to live there.
    I have a feeling this guy was “nudged” to sell by guys in white hybrids. Could be wrong….

  • More stucco doucheplexes to follow, oh yay.

  • Understandable ??? Why … ???

    Only in HOUSTON is this “understandable” …

    Yeah, let’s continue to eradicate instead of protect and restore … this building is, after all, 75 YEARS OLD !! That just won’t do …

    Heaven Forbid we have any OLD apartment bldgs or residences still in use in Htown … oh, the Horror !!

    Let’s replace buildings with CHARACTER and HISTORY with MORE Pseudo-Stucco architectural Gems !!

  • Any idea who purchase the property and/or who is going to be developing it?