Your Second Chance To Get the Certified Druglord Mansion You’ve Always Wanted

17907 Elk Valley Circle, Ponderosa Trails, Houston

Missed out on putting in a bid on that pinkish coke palace up in Ponderosa Trails that went up for auction in March? Of course you did, because it didn’t sell. So now the 5-bedroom, 8,024-sq.-ft. mansion at 17907 Elk Valley Circle will be back on the virtual auction block again this May 18th to 20th— starting at the same $471,250 minimum bid.

Alas, the 2.54-acre property will be available “for inspection” just once, for a couple of hours on May 12th — by special appointment only. There’s a “Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement” you’ll have to sign to participate. And no, the former owner won’t be available to answer your questions about maintenance — Daron Odell Jones is still serving a 13-year prison sentence for cocaine possession with an intent to distribute.

According to law enforcement officials, Jones led a drug empire supplying the Mobile, Alabama, area and had ties to a violent Mexican drug cartel. (If he hadn’t cooperated with authorities, pled guilty, and forfeited this home, a small car collection, and some snazzy jewelry, he might have received a longer sentence and faced more serious charges.)

What distinguishes this druglord’s lair from all the lookalikes and wannabes builders have been putting up all over Houston?


Only your guarantee of authenticity: The participation of actual federal marshals in the sale!

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  • Hummm… unless there are meat hooks in a concealed room, this property looks just like any other sh*tty, ostentatious stucco edifice in Houston.

    One would expect a little more from a drug lord’s house than dual stairways and a pedantic kitchen.

  • Not Scarfacey enough. Does anyone know if this was built to Jones’ order or if he bought it already finished?

  • Bah.. it’s outside the loop so it’s not trendy.. not interested, thanks!

  • I know this home and the guy who owned it. Not only would I not live in it they had mold from cooking Meth in one of the top rooms. The house was shot up over 11 times that I knew. Someone put 2 alligators and a couple watermociasns in the pool. Befor Chris left they poured bags of cement in the toilets and swiming pool pump and down all the drains in the house so the plumbing is screwed. This is a bad omen for a home the best thing to do is knock it down and sell the land. And hope all the drug lords he pissed off don’t come backk to retaliate.

  • This is a bad omen for a home the best thing to do is knock it down and sell the land.

    Personally I think it may be a bad omen for the Justice Department and its “witness protection program” if another investigative reporter starts snooping around further, obviously it won’t be anyone from the Houston Chronicle, and it sounds like Mr. Mafia has a little anger management problem? I wonder if they checked for signs of any newly-laid concrete. There might be some bodies buried around here and there. I also wonder if the Seller Disclosure disclosed all of this while it was still listed with the frienly neighborhood realtor. Who maybe didn’t know who Mr. Mafia was.

    As for it being a teardown the minimum bid would indicate that’s indeed what it is. Hopefully whoever buys it demolishes it “furnished.” But they should check the walls first. Just in case someone was walled in instead of laid in.

  • Oh, wrong house. This is the drug dealer. Not Mr. Mafia. What the hell. They’re all the same, really, aren’t they?

  • Ghastly house. Looks boring . The kitchen wall paper border is vile. Wouldn’t touch this house.Period. I wonder if Mr.Jones stashed drugs in the walls,buried money in the yard. Any building that was a meth lab is poisoned with toxic DEADLY chemicals.

  • Look at the bright side – it would make a stunning funeral parlor

  • I stayed in the house with “D” and wendy, which is my aunt. There was not one thing wrong with this house. yes there was money in the walls but there was no drugs in different parts of the home.. Mold? no.. bodies burried?? hell no!! He bought it furnished. well the living room thats about it. i would live in the home again without a doubt