Zelko Bistro Is Soon To Be Gone from E. 11th St.

ZELKO BISTRO IS SOON TO BE GONE FROM E. 11TH ST. Zelko Bistro, 705 E. 11th St., Houston HeightsA real estate agent representing the owners of the building at 705 E. 11th St. just west of Studewood tells neighborhood blog The Heights Life that the converted bungalow home of restaurant Zelko Bistro is available for lease, “effective immediately.” For the moment at least, Jamie Zelko’s restaurant is still open for business, but “Zelko will be moving out,” the blog reports. “[Berkshire Hathaway Suzanne Anderson Properties agent Mike Huff] doesn’t know when and can’t disclose much about why, but whether they close or re-locate is uncertain.” The for-lease sign that appeared this morning in front of the property (above) has been removed at the restaurant’s request. [The Heights Life] Photo: The Heights Life

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  • This is my favorite Heights restraunt. Very sad to see it go; hope they do relocate somewhere.

  • Please let it be gone forever, most overrated Heights ‘bistro’.

  • Aw. Enjoyed many great meals here. Hopefully on to bigger and better things for Jamie & Co.

  • If you haven’t been yet, hurry up and go. This place is a real treat!

  • Too bad. Food, atmosphere and service were all very good.

  • I hope that Jamie Zelko finds a new place in the Heights and that her wonderfully restored bungalow gets repurposed by another restaurateur. I hope we do not see a replay of the Stella Sola/Killen debaucle.

  • Booo. I liked this place.

  • You could say it is a cheap pressure tactic by property owners while negotiating the lease. Unprofessional and unethical and not a norm in the industry to post a sign before anything is finalized…especially the departure.

  • SG, that seems to be exactly what happened. I just heard from the owner that they are not moving and did not have plans on moving. I am guessing it was a tactic used by Berkshire Hathaway Suzanne Anderson Properties agent Mike Huff. Low. That being said I am very interested in places where dag thinks you can get a better meal for the dollar in town. Zelko’s is a great deal for the cost.

  • This is a case of the agent overplaying their hand for sure, and may go beyond just being unethical. This tactic used by Berkshire Hathaway/ Suzanne Anderson Properties’ agent Mike Huff may actually have overstepped the boundaries of the law, the statutes and stipulations of the initial contract, and the opportunity for both the owner of the property and the business to actually reinstate or create a new contract. If Mr. Huff is looking for a pay day, perhaps he should have come to the table with a new tenant ready to go and let it be a civil replacement at the 11th st. location instead of forcing the hand of the existing one, there by creating the opportunity for the owner to lose out on steady revenue. Also, the property is lacking parking which may prove difficult for a new tenant to create what they would hope to with the blessing go the permit office at the City of Houston. Shame on you Mr. Huff.