11-Story Apartment Midrise Planned for N. Braeswood at Main Preceded by This Less-Than-1-Story Trial Piece

The little swatch of test facade tilted up at 7551 Main St. north of Brays Bayou earlier this spring is still standing, a reader’s drive-by snap attests this week. The piece, which shows off the look of a handful of warmer and cooler beige-and-brown pairings, is likely related to the much taller project planned on the site by Allen Harrison Company, which bought the land last year. The developer has the spot marked for an 11-story residential building (the top 7 of which’ll hold 186 apartments, and the bottom 4 of which’ll hold 285 parked cars). A reader over on HAIF also spotted the recently completed review of the building by the Federal Aviation Administration folks, who okayed the plans for the 125-ft.-tall structure as not a flight hazard.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Beiges of Brays

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  • Everyone is doing dark brick these days, I wonder why they didn’t consider a more natural color.

  • Bet it’s a pain to park in at night

  • ^ And, I’m sure it will be a major PITA (pain in the *blank*) when coming home during rush hour. North Braeswood is one way on that stretch. There is no left turn at the next intersection south during rush hours from Main – to turn a block south to Braeswood (by the storage unit place) then back across the bayou to turn onto North Braeswood then into your swanky parking garage.
    And, forget about turning left across Main headed south during rush hour. No turn lane means you’re blocking a lane of outbound and heavily used Main coming out of the medical center. This building sounds like a clusterflock of traffic headaches for residents and commuters in the area.

  • @Wolf Brand Chili–my sentiments exactly!! What a freaking mess it will create to an already heavily clogged major artery coming in and out of the medical center.

  • Back in the late 80s, the two-story Mexican restaurant on that site was a weekly dinner stop. I’ve often wondered how expensive that parcel must be that it had never sold, and I think it’s been 25 or so years since the restaurant was demolished. The lot directly across Main from it is also for sale, I believe, but may be zoned to single residences given what it backs up to. Agree with all above that it will be a cluster to get in and out of at the height of AM and PM rush hours.