31 Townhome Sites Are Gaining Ground in the Second Ward Before Anything Gets Built on Them

Mounds of soil are now piled up behind La Familia Meat Market, where InTown Homes is in the early stages of construction on its latest townhome cluster, Williams on Commerce. A commercial fill and grade permit issued for the site back in mid-April gave the developer permission to jack up 31 of the lots it plans to build on using the dirt pictured above. Now that much of it’s been dumped in place, a few PVC pipes are starting to sprout from it.

Other infrastructure waits patiently on the sidelines:


Directly north of the lots now being elevated, a smaller InTown Homes townhome development dubbed Williams on Canal is planned to run alongside La Familia, pictured on the left. It’ll back up to the Commerce-fronting community as shown in the site plan above but won’t share any driveways with it.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (construction); La Familia Meat Market (market). Site plan: Houston Planning Commission

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  • “Williams on Commerce/Canal”? How wholly unoriginal and gentrification-y. Good job InTown/Lovett, as usual.

    Also, no guest/extra parking for 64 total homes? Parking on Commerce and Canal is about to get stupid, and St Charles is going to be impassable.

  • eww, anything “On Canal” has to make you worry

  • Donald- no one said you “had to” own a car

  • @cmoney
    I’m a big proponent of walkability and not using your car if you don’t have to, but c’mon this is Houston. I live in the area, and while it is improving, this isn’t a particularly great area for walking just yet—poor sidewalks, limited destinations, etc. And, it’s not close enough to light rail for that to be an efficient option either.
    I think it’s a fair assumption that any adult living in this development is going to have at least one vehicle each. And judging by what happens with the group of townhouses immediately across the street, there will be a lot of spillover onto the nearby streets, especially Commerce.
    I’m not a fan of surface parking lots, and that’s not what I’m advocating here. They could have placed some additional parking spots throughout the development (along with corresponding green space), but that would mean a few less townhouses to sell.