4 Floors of Apartments Eyeing Avondale Half-Acreage Behind Bistecca

4 FLOORS OF APARTMENTS EYEING AVONDALE HALF-ACREAGE BEHIND BISTECCA The owner of 214 Avondale St. has plans to build a 4-story apartment complex on-site and is now seeking an off-street parking variance for the would-be development. If the planning commission signs off on it next month, the building would be permitted to go up with 60 spaces, 5 less than city rules mandate for the just-under-half-acre site, 2 blocks west of Bagby and directly north of Bistecca Ristorante. (Seven bike racks capable of holding 28 bikes total would also be included.) The public hearing for the proposal goes down on Thursday, September 13. Map: Houston Planning Commission

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  • Wow, that block of Avondale has changed a lot since I was first jonesing for #218 about 8 years ago. The townhouses on the corner weren’t there; that was a parking lot for Numbers. #214 had a decaying house on it, which apparently was sold and fixed up and sold again and torn down. A four-story apartment really wouldn’t fit in, but neither do the townhouses, and it’s not my property to say what to do with.

  • Is that where Theodores was? Or was it the house on the corner? I remember that it was a two story house and I drank a lot there. I drank “a lot” there and drank there a lot.

  • Cclerk says Theodores was at 304 Avondale, in the next block west. That’s a townhouse farm now, too.