A Heights-Area Homebuilder’s New Home Office on Yale St.

Home and Office Under Construction at 832 Yale St., Houston Heights

What’s this new construction being framed in wood and steel on the site of 2 former bungalows at 828 and 832 Yale St. in the Heights? A single 23,000-sq.-ft. residence that will also serve as the offices of homebuilder Fisher Homes, a source tells Swamplot. The builder is perhaps best known for the Morrison Heights 5-story condo building near Houston Ave. and White Oak; it is also planning a Studemont Mid-Rise at Studemont and Center St., just north of Washington Ave.


Home and Office Under Construction at 832 Yale St., Houston Heights

Photos show a driveway off Yale leading through the building, which faces west; one bay over, a large set of concrete stairs leads to what appears to be the main entrance.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Fisher Homes

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  • Another quality job.

  • Thank you for satisfying my curiosities. Initially I thought it was a show palace built on spec – the ultimate signal that the neighborhood should gird its collective loins for the end of the bubble.

  • i wouldnt be too upset if the heights crapper left a big coiler on his doorstep.

  • Thank you, Jeff. That made my day.

  • I’m surprised they left the oak trees, of course the mature pecans in the back yard had to go…….all 3 of them! What a monstrosity!

  • This “heights area builder ” lives in Spring, Texas, not the Heights, according to his D+ rating at the BBB. Swoon! No need to send the Heights crapper!


  • A serious lack of taste; I couldn’t decide if it was to be something like a carpet/rug showroom (but with little parking), perhaps law offices, or a multi-resident home of some kind.

  • Jeff – that is awesome! I wonder if the “heights crapper” does for hire work? There are a couple of spots I would like to see bombed.

  • Seems that the crapper is right out front, with a guy waiting his turn in front of it.

  • 23,000 square feet. And from the looks of it, it’s practically to the edges of the property line. If this Heights Barbie Dream Castle is his idea of good taste, we all have a lot to look forward to.

  • Awesome Projects…keep it coming I love how the NIMBYs get there panties in a bunch when anything happens in the heights…hahah

  • “After building a community in Iowa, Fisher took an old school bus, gutted it and turned it into a home on wheels. With only $2,500 to his name, he drove from Iowa to Galveston. The Great Hurricane Ike struck in 2008 which prompted the notion to move to Texas to aid in the rebuilding process. He turned a negative situation into a positive one by assisting as many individuals that were affected by the Hurricane as possible. Since he landed in the Greater Houston area in 2008, he’s called Houston home ever since.”

    -Terry Fisher, humanitarian.

  • Anti-Nimby’s need to publish their residential addresses along with their posts, so builders can be sure to focus their projects in areas where the neighbors are willing to “lay back and relax”.

    After building an entire community in Iowa, Fisher only had $2,500.00 to his name??? Must have been a mighty successful project. But really, why would you brag about getting run out of Iowa, in a reconditioned bus nevertheless?

  • There must be a lot of profit in building Midrises.

  • “to aid in the rebuilding process.” Right…..I believe we have other words for that. Like, oh, I dunno, Two-bit carpetbagger sucking at the teat of disaster capitalism? The best way to make money is to use someone else’s, especially when it’s federal aid dollars. Terry Fisher, Livin’ the Dream!

  • I wonder if he still has the bus..

  • It looks like some kind of cheesy bridal store with the requisite “photo stairs”. Heights DR makes a pretty good point. This seems a lot like 2005. I’ve lived in the Heights since 95 and I’m no bungalow hugger I will even admit to envying the people who can afford bigger digs (I’ve got two kids crammed into a 1 holer on Rutland) but this is absolutely hideous. Remind me of that murder mansion we read about recently on Todd road. I would never buy a lot that backs up to Heights Boulevard or Yale.

  • I’ve had the misfortune of representing a client who bought one of his homes earlier this year. It was a nightmare from start to finish. Just a word to the wise.

  • Jeff, sad news that I learned from a reliable source, the “The Serial Crapper” actually turned him self in, after coming to reality that his goal of creating the largest piece of crap in the Heights could not be obtained on own, thanks to Fisher. I believe he will resurface after obtaining investor backing and will achieve his ultimate goal.