A Look at the New Midtown Restaurant in the Mix

At last: That year-old, right-up-to-the-street, parking-garage-behind The Mix @ Midtown building at 3201 Louisiana gets a ground-floor tenant! Going into the buildout in the space at the southeast corner of Elgin, below 24 Hour Fitness: a new Japanese restaurant.

Want a peek inside?


These images are posted on the website of Michael Hsu Design Office — the same Austin firm that designed Uchi and the local set of MTV’s The Real World. The restaurant is labeled Raku, but the lettering shown in one of the drawings appears to spell out Kabuki.

Renderings: Michael Hsu Design Office; photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I have nothing against Japanese restaurants and I think I made this comment before, but doesn’t is seem there are plenty of Japanese restaurants between Uptown and Midtown and everywhere in between.

    The selection is great so you can find what you like at least and many of them seem to keep a crowd.

  • I walked by the other day and the construction permit on the window says Kabuki as well.

  • Another Japanese restaurant? Kind of disappointing. Can we get a clothing store or something worth while. I thought a Whole Foods was coming to midtown…

  • Whole Foods is coming to Midtown, just are just putting it at the corner of Waugh and Dallas.

  • Too bad we can’t get a real grocery instead of a WF. They suck.

  • Being a member of the 24 hour fitness there where parking is already a nightmare after work, my concern is just that…parking.

  • It won’t be as good as Sushi King. More expensive, to be sure, but not as good…

  • I don’t know about not as good. It hasn’t even opened yet.

    I’ve done a tour of Sushi restaurants with two of my sushi obsessed friends. The love love the sushi and sashimi (spelling?). I work the entree menus.

    Some restaurants I loved the entree dishes but my friend said the sushi was ok. Others were opposite. Then the rest had both we liked. The reality is that there are so many choices that eventually everyone can find one they like.

  • Cool! Love the renderings.

  • There will be plenty parking spaces available. As well as Valet parking service will soon be added. Alone with these two options, the lots acrss street (High Fashion Fabrics & High Fashion Home) will become available once the restaurant is under operation.

  • parking is gona be a nightmare! my friends and i go to Crave Sushi just two blocks away. they have their own parking lot and open late night til 4am. plus, i’m thinking about moving to camden travis.

  • The soft opening is dated for this Friday. complementary valet parking will be available starting at lunch.

  • Sushi is the best food in the whole world. The best source of seafood that is for sure. I just cant eat at those seafood places. they are not true seafood restaurants. Some do have tasty food like papdeaux and maybe a handfull of others. but all that fried seafood with tar-tar sauce? CMON! sushi… Healthy, alot of it wiledly caught and love the flavors