An L-Shaped Allen Bianchi Contemporary in Boulevard Oaks Is Back on the Market at $2.8 Million



Now approaching the Big 1-0, an artsy 2004 contemporary by architect Allen Bianchi has been on the market for a month (this time), bearing a $2,799,000 asking price. A previous listing in the summer of 2013 briefly sought $100K more for the property. The 5,595-sq.-ft. home is planted at the crossroads of Cherokee St. and Sunset Blvd., just north of Rice University. Houston’s headlining art museums are three-quarters of a mile to the east. The house of stucco, glass, and steel is itself a bit of a gallery.



The house may resemble a sleeping F from its front approach (see second photo from top), but its plan forms an L. High ceilings and open space fill out the interior, which maximizes southern exposure. A series of living and dining clusters share a wall of commercial-grade full-height glass panel doors to the poolscape, beyond which there’s a highrise fence capped by a green screen — courtesy of the neighborhood’s signature live oak canopy.


Thick slabs of marble form the counters in the high-concept kitchen, a mood tempered a bit by the jutting farm sink and more of the 6-in.-wide wooden flooring that runs throughout the first floor.


Another bank of full-height glass connects the kitchen to a patio area covered by a section of the second floor:


Upstairs, the hallway between bedrooms hugs the inner wall. More large windows look toward the sunny south — and west over the floor plan’s jog toward the pool:


The home has 4 or 5 bedrooms; this one downstairs is not the master . . .


But this one is:



Pool and patio occupy much of the 11,520-sq.-ft. lot’s south side:




The South Side of the L

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  • Hey Allen, why do you put so much shit in your ceilings?

  • okay okay – I’ll take it! And I will cook in that kitchen

  • That is one unappealing bedroom. And where did the bed skirts wander in from?

  • That’s my kind of house. If I had that sort of money to drop, I’d take it. The inside is great and that yard…

  • Reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s description of Cameron’s house: “The place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything. “

  • That is the one Bianchi house that I actually like.

  • Speaking of Ferris…. That house is so choice, I would highly recommend it if you have the means. I don’t have the means. I like everything about the style of the house. If I could afford it I would go for it. Curious when actually in the backyard how far away the Medical Clinic of Houston appears.

  • It’s next to impossible to sell a Modern style house in Houston in the high end bracket, the market is very conservative and prefers Mediterranean and Traditional. Also since the Modern style has become extremely popular in the Latin America, it is viewed as “for the less sophisticated” eye… a real estate equivalent of a mariachi band and tattooed on eyebrows.

  • That is a sexy ass shower. Shower sex every morning up in der

  • Is the bedroom ceiling fixture Ikea?

  • Commonsense if you’re statement is true how do you explain 5 of these type homes within 2 blocks of my house all at $1.2m plus? None are vacant and non Hispanic whites live in all of them?

  • JE: you lie! You have the means brother! :)

  • Does the desk in the downstairs “bedroom” go with the house? That might justify the price.

  • Those hideous looking ceiling speakers are so 90s.

    Prolly sound like crap too if they’re 10+ years old… why have a bad-ass house with a shitty sound system?

  • the “downstairs bedroom ” is actually the upstairs study/media room that is across the hall from the master. and the “sh*tty” speakers work very well, in fact, music is always playing throughout the home. And yes, the master chandelier fixture is from IKEA. It’s a fabulous home… Come take a look!