Another Office Building in the Pines in The Woodlands

This week, Stream Realty will start adding this 6-story building to its all-natural, LEED-aspiring office park in The Woodlands. The spec 154,213-sq.-ft Reserve at Sierra Pines II, to be located at 1585 Sawdust Rd., will join its larger predecessor, the 175,000-sq.-ft. building sold more than a year ago for about $40 million to the REIT CapLease. Houston Business Journal’s Shaina Zucker adds that this new building, a brisk 1.5-mile walk north of the ExxonMobil campus, is planned to include “a jogging trail” and a “heavily landscaped Zen garden.”

Stream has a few other projects in the hopper: There’s that curvaceous 41-story International Tower that Stream (along with Essex) has proposed to build on that block south of Market Square Park, and there’s that more straightforward 25-story office building just off Washington and Waugh.

Rendering: Stream Realty Partners

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  • A unique looking building, kind of like a gray-scale Mondrian painting. And isn’t a “heavily landscaped Zen garden” sort of contradictory?

  • 1.5 Mile brisk walk, LOL, that’s more like a Bataan Death March in the summer.

  • The walk will be nice in the Fall, Winter, and Spring–the building itself makes me think of an office park in DC–let’s hope they get started on the proposed structure on Market Square downtown soon, it takes several years to build and with the low vacancy rates downtown won’t hold forever–all these proposed skyscrapers and not one shovel in the ground, makes you wonder how many will actually get built–Chevron for sure, Hines most likely, the rest, don’t hold your breath

  • The walk will include wading waist-deep through Spring Creek, at least until Harris and Montogmery counties agree to build a bridge across it (connecting Sawmill to Holzwarth). Unless they mean walking along the I-45 frontage road…
    I hear that Montgomery county is not in a rush to build that bridge, still mad at ExxonMobil for choosing Harris county.

  • Pretty sure the “brisk walk” is editorial snark from swamplot and not anything intended by the developer, other than to point out to folks who do business with Exxon the fact of the proximity of the two sites.

  • Looks like a blast-resistant US Govermnent building.