Baby Ducks Vs. Bayou Trash, Down by the County Jail

Urban wildlife cellphone videographer Christine Wilson sends some footage captured from Allen’s Landing documenting the eons-old nature vs. civilization struggle, which played out earlier this week in the form of tiny ducks dodging their way through the floating trash field where White Oak and Buffalo bayous join up. Wilson caught sight (and sound) of a duck and 4 ducklings struggling across the White Oak outflow toward the Buffalo side of the confluence, which she notes is significantly less debris-spangled. That’s the Harris County Jail in the background for most of the shot, across White Oak from the main building of the University of Houston Downtown. (The footage cuts out mid-scene, but Wilson says the ducks did eventually make it across.)

Video: Christine Wilson

Buffalo Vs. White Oak

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  • Go duckies go…

  • whenever there’s a good rain after no real rain at all, trash gets washed into the bayous. it sucks. people don’t think it’s their problem so they toss it on the side of the road and it ends up here.
    this mentality held by most human beings is the reason that no matter what politicians decide, the climate change won’t stop because we won’t stop polluting.

  • @Toasty – completely agree. I live on the end of the street and the gutters are in front of my place. You can’t imaging how much trash i have to pull out of there on a weekly basis.

  • Mama duck look liked she was checking out the fractured flotilla for a stray Cheeto…maybe showing the little ones how to live in Downtown Houston.

  • Mama duck showing the little ones how to navigate the water way minefields. School of Hard Knocks!