Buffalo Pharmacy Is Toast

Buffalo Pharmacy at Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway, West University, Texas

Earlier this year, Buffalo Pharmacy announced it would leave its soon-to-be-demolished digs at Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway and move inside the new H-E-B under construction just behind the store. In the interim, Buffalo Pharmacy was set to operate out of a trailer on the site.

But those plans have changed: Buffalo Pharmacy will close for good this Saturday, November 8. The pharmacy opening in the trailer 2 days later will be called H-E-B Pharmacy.

The new supermarket, meant to be a cross between a Central Market and a typical H-E-B, is scheduled to open next year. And it’ll have an H-E-B Pharmacy inside.

Photo of Buffalo Pharmacy: Flickr user Kevin Trotman [license]

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  • The important info would be if the pharmacy’s staff behind the prescription counter was kept. To me, if I was going to the same pharmacy for years, it was because of the service I received from the staff.

    It doesn’t matter the name of the store they operated.

  • My father used to travel from our home on San Felipe near Chimney Rock beginning in the 60’s all the way to the Buffalo Pharmacy to get all our prescriptions. The service was that good.

  • Most of the original Buffalo staff is going to work for HEB, including the two pharacist and many of the techs. The pharamcy is just moving to the new building HEB couldnt reuse the old neat one:(

  • I have fond memories of Buffalo Pharmacy. As a struggling college student, I worked for Trunkline Gas Company and lived in the Bissonnet Plaza apartments. I visited Buffalo Pharmacy on my lunch breaks and ordered a grill cheese sandwich with ice tea.
    I am sad to see Buffalo Pharmacy go, it is a pleasant memory of my past. I shop my local HEB in Sugar Land, TX but, I will never forget where I got my start in my young, adult life.