Cleburne Cafeteria Now Being Rebuilt on Bissonnet After Second Destruction by Fire

3606 Bissonnet St., Greenway/Upper Kirby, Houston, 77005

Construction fencing is already up around the Cleburne Cafeteria, which burned down for the second time at 3606 Bissonnet St. earlier this week. The 75-year-old cafeteria business was bought by Nick and Pat Mickelis in 1952 at its original location on Cleburne and Fannin streets (which was recently occupied by DiverseWorks for a brief pre-MATCH stint, and currently houses the Zoya Tommy art gallery). The cafeteria moved to the Bissonnet spot in 1969; shortly after Nick Mickelis’s death in 1989, the building burned down for the first time.


The restaurant was rebuilt by Pat and her son George Mickelis, who is now the primary operator of the business. This week’s Monday-night-Tuesday-morning blaze took out the building’s roof, as well as most (but not all) of a collection of paintings by Nick Mickelis. A Facebook post from Smith + Sacco Public Relations says that construction should wrap up in 6 to 8 months.

Photo: Smith + Sacco

Restaurant Re-Reconstruction

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