Comment of the Day Runner-Up: The Best Views in Every SkyHouse

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: THE BEST VIEWS IN EVERY SKYHOUSE Plan Detail, SkyHouse Houston, Downtown Houston“I love how the big picture windows in some of the units allow residents to actually sit on the toilet and look out onto the street. I can’t say I want to SEE a resident doing this but it does make this tower unique.” [Daphne Graham, commenting on Have a Look Where Crews Have Begun Digging for the Second Downtown SkyHouse] Plan detail: SkyHouse Houston

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  • It’s probably a bit daunting to have to go bathroom on a sunny day, especially if you’re trying to respond to the comment of the day on swamplot on your phone, but the glare is just making it impossible.
    but imagine at night, especially on Independence Day. You can catch the fireworks, even if that greasy pizza you had for dinner just ran right through you.
    Maybe on their next iteration they’ll build out a little glass box that the toilet faces outwards from. So as you are sitting with feet firmly planted on the glass floor, it looks like you’re sitting in the air staring out at the cityscape. How peaceful that would be.

  • Seriously?

  • LCD glass, where you flip a switch and it goes frosted?
    A better solution is to mount a huge monitor on the wall and transmit images from a camera mounted on the outside if the building. Probably a wash for cost, and you get a view with no privacy concerns. They’re using these systems on the interior cabins of newer cruise ships if I’m not mistaken.

  • They should rename it the ICUP Tower.

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