Comment of the Day: Small Street Additions to the Galleria Area

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SMALL STREET ADDITIONS TO THE GALLERIA AREA “The Uptown TIRZ and District are actively working to build a grid in Uptown. Much of it will be funded by existing and new developments by the TIRZ funds and not from the general taxpayer base. . . . [This map shows] their planned addition of grid style layout to uptown. . . . It’ll take existing private access roads and convert some to public streets.” [kjb434, commenting on Uptown Traffic Grid] Map: Uptown Houston District

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  • I’d admit their plan isn’t perfect, but it attempts to correct a major problem in the area. I do notice a flaw now created by Galleria IV, but much of the rest of the plan is doable over time.

  • Wonderful, they have given all the short-cuts native Houstonians have known for years to the unwashed carpet bagging yankees. You have just made once was a pleasurable drive through “uptown” a living hell.

    hope you are happy.

  • ROFLMAO jgbiggs. But you gotta love the yankee accent.

  • Another TIRZ check for a high-end area that doesn’t need it. This is money that the city should use to help areas that are struggling, not to transform the deluxe into ultra-deluxe.

  • Dean,

    Do you know how a TIRZ works? No money is taken from taxpayers and spent on these projects. The TIRZ gets their money from businesses’ property tax only on the increased value. The bulk still goes to the city to be spent everywhere in the city.

    The point of the TIRZ is that the people vested in an area can improve it themselves versus taking money from other neighborhoods that needed. TIRZ’s have saved the general taxpayer lots of money by pushing the burden within their district to the commercial property owners.

  • I’m on the Session at St. Philip Presbyterian (on San Felipe between the Loop and Post Oak) and we will be having one of these streets cut through our back alley. It won’t benefit us that much, but it should make traffic flow on this section of street much better. I’ve heard that they will be adding a traffic light. Maybe they will no longer need the officers to control traffic during rush hour.