Comment of the Day: What Do You Call the Transformed Industrial District South of the Heights?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT DO YOU CALL THE TRANSFORMED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT SOUTH OF THE HEIGHTS? Katyville“I think the stretch of land North of Washington but South of I-10, where all the big-box retailers are going in, should be called Katyville.” [el duderino, commenting on Grocers Supply Sale Will Supply 15 Acres for Apartments, Shops Across from Studemont Kroger] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Concrete alley…in recognition of the many tree clearcuttings in the area.

  • “Place where people from the Heights shop but don’t admit to their friends”

  • WhatsupBroville

  • Why don’t they rename ALL of the Heights “New Katyville?” People over there like to think of themselves as a little piece of Austin inside the loop, but it has evolved into more like a big chunk of Katy, which by the way, is not a compliment.

  • Stupid Katy and Stupid Austin

  • rabble rabble rabble KATY rabble rabble rabble AUSTIN

  • I’ve been talking about how it looks like a grafted piece of Stafford, but Katyville is pretty descriptive, too.

  • Nothing good ever comes near the interstate, people. Nothing!

    What happens south of I-10 has nothing to do with the Heights. It may as we’ll be Pearland.

  • Heighthsaphobics are everywhere! So if you don’t like the Heights, Katy, Sugar Land, East Dtwn, Midtown, etc, where the hell are you gonna live? While I don’t love the crap south of I-10, people are shopping there and that is why it exists. Yes, I bet even a few Heights people shop there! Shocking news!

  • Parkerville is more like it. Herbert would be so proud.

  • My vote is for little suburbia. Then in 50 years, when higher dense developments go in we can all morn the loss of ‘Little Suburbia” the last of the suburban style developments in central Houston. To which our grandchildren will wonder a) why you would shop at a physical location and b) why would anyone want to drive themselves

  • How about Katyvon’t ?