Report: That Former Gas Station at Yale and W. 11th To Be Reborn as Restaurant Run by Heights-Famous Duo


Looks like that long-vacant, wheatpaste poster-festooned former service station and repair shop in the heart of the Houston Heights will finally be reincarnated. Eater Houston’s Jakeisha Wilmore is reporting that Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera, the team behind Revival Market and Coltivare, have snatched up the former Citgo at 1039 Yale St., an address less than a mile from both Coltivare and Revival. Exactly what Pera and Weber will be dishing out in lieu of unleaded and 10W-40 remains to be seen; a spokesman told Wilmore that the rumored restaurant’s concept is still secret.

Photo: Jakeisha Wilmore

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  • Let the comments about lack of parking begin!!! There is none on Yale or 11th of course. Allston is narrow and I think there are many driveways, reducing available parking. 10-1/2th is too narrow. Maybe they strike a deal with the owners of the under-utilized lot at the SW corner of 11th and Allston?

  • Yessssssss! This is a big win for Yale St. Just a few more eyesores to go.

  • Please please please demolish this structure and build something that doesn’t look like a gas station. See the intersection of White Oak and Studewood if you don’t understand why….

  • I don’t get it. This isn’t some cool historic old gas station, this is a dump. Why bother rehabing a gas station with zero style or curb appeal. In Alamo Heights they rehabbed this beautiful historic Mediterranean style Magnolia gas staton down to the Pegasus on the roof, that made sense because the building was spectacular, but this is just a hideous old rote building, it’s a little hard to get excited about some eatery here. Why not just get rid of it and build a cool retro historic building with all the style cues this building so lacks?

  • *I hope they’re not shooting for the Tanqueria in the barrio look. You see these old ugly gas stations made into Tanqueria’s painted (badly) all yellow and purple all over the barrio, it’s just awful, it’s like you took a wrong turn and ended up in Juarez (God Forbid). Poor Heights.

  • Tanqueria? Is that one of those joints that serves gin and tacos? If so, sign me up. We need more of those.

  • Word on the street is that it’ll be the Heights first goat-only restaurant. BBQ goat, baked goat,
    steamed goat, goat breakfast tacos, etc. . . . . . hey, somebody’s gotta do it. But with a nice
    wine cellar and an excellent coffee program. Will be great for the mesquite business.

  • Oh great, another “concept” restaurant! Here is a concept….how about a place in the Heights with good food, designed so that you can actually carry on a conversation, and get out without paying $60 per person. There are still a few hangers on from the past, but they are becoming few and far between. I think it would be an excellent location for a gas station!

  • @sjh Where the heck are you eating at? I have never paid $60 per person for a meal in the heights. If drinks are increasing your price, go to Collinas and BYOB. Otherwise, the heights is loaded with other good restaurants at reasonable prices: Java Java (breakfast), witchcraft, onion creek, cedar creek, good dog, torchys tacos, liberty kitchen, down house, ruggles, warehouse bar and chill, etc, etc. the list goes on and on

  • Houstonian, Java Java sold and will be closing soon. As for the other places, see my comment on the design…..try to carry on a conversation in most of those places and see if you can hear above the din accentuated by concrete floors, metal accouterments, and wooden chairs . Also, how many different ways can you make a burger appealing? As for the $60 comment, you are right. I exaggerated by around $10/person with a drink. BYOB? Beer or wine only. There are a few good places to eat in the Heights and of course things change. However, I am beginning to find that the food inside the loop is being outclassed by the incredible variety of food outside the loop since every new restaurant in the Heights seems to be serving the same types of food (and I live in the Heights). I visit friends regularly on the west side near Kirkwood, Dairy Ashford, etc., and am amazed at the excellent French, Middle-Eastern, Asian, and Indian restaurants that are available. What is opening in the Heights is pretty much “influenced” menus served to look as architectural as possible. I enjoy that once in a while, but having to go outside the Heights and now the Loop to experience anything else (besides Mexican) is becoming more common.

  • Maybe now the famous duo can rescind its application to the TABC to become a bar at their Revival location at 550 Heights. The new location will have adequate parking and not be proximate to residences. The current restaurant locations (Coltivare and Revival) have atrocious parking. Not sure how the City passed it as they are clearly violating the code.