Drive-By: The Cop Copter Inside Headquarters

Now hanging above the ground floor of the Houston Police Dept. headquarters building at 1200 Travis St. Downtown, just outside the police chief’s media briefing room: a retired police helicopter. It’s part of Brave/Architecture’s design for the HPD Museum, which is being relocated from the Houston Police Academy building near IAH.

Renderings and a construction photo of the new 3,050-sq.-ft. museum space, copter and all:


Video, photo, and renderings: Brave/Architecture

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  • A police museum? uhm.. Why?

    I mean, I’m glad for their service to their community and all, but why pay good money for an unnecessary museum? How’s about more cops on the street rather than a building?

  • The fire department has one, I think these guys deserve it. I think they definitely deserve this new space.

  • Necessities aside, downtown could definitely use the facelift. Keep em coming.

  • A monument to thuggery.

  • Bill: Houston has museums dedicated to such eclectic topics as telephones, printing and funerals. I think a police museum is a great idea. Visiting the police museum should be as much a requirement as passing the TAKS test for students in HISD.

  • Not sure about the Police museum but I believe the Fire museum is funded entirely by donations, no taxpayer money beyond the initial donation of the building.

  • Cool! Will look nice from ground level when driving through downtown.

  • Better that antiquated whirley bird hanging from a ceiling downtown, than flying over my house at 3:00am. When is the police department going to upgrade their helicopters?

  • Anyone else notice in the video above that the videographer actually turned around backwards while driving to film the clip?

  • Yeah…it’s called mad skills…or simply turning the camera around.