Four New Houston Metro Rail Routes, As Seen from Above

Found: extrapolated video footage of Houston’s soon-to-be light-rail routes, as viewed from . . . a crop duster. Hang time for the 4 routes shown: 8 minutes and 8 seconds. Your travel time and elevation may vary.

MIA: The University Line.

How old are these renderings, anyway?

Video: Gino Martin

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  • Look at all of those parking lots! I always get so depressed when I look at views of Houston from above…..

  • Oh my yes… this city looks real bad in these animations – like Soviet Murmansk. Please just let me keep my illusions of Houston!

  • MIA: A certain soccer stadium. The way the trains are entering downtown in that animation is waaaay prettier than the mess METRO has planned.

  • The schedule at the end is a bit optimistic. I don’t know about all of the routes, but the pavement isn’t even broken on Post Oak by the Galleria where this video shows a long stretch of completed rail in 10/2009.

    Well, the pavement is actually extremely broken, but that’s just potholes. That road could probably use a little construction.

  • What a load of crap. Looks like 1990s technology made that video… how much taxpayer money was wasted to pay for it?

    Seems like all we get out of METRO for the last couple years are some cheesy looking computer graphics.

  • It would be nice if this were absolutely accurate, but at least it gives the layman an idea. As for surrounding development, well people let’s do something about it!

  • Is the train really going to go down the middle of 610? Ugh, not like I need yet another excuse to avoid the traffic headaches of that part of town.

  • I can’t help but notice that the trains weren’t stopping at intersections and nor did they show all the cars backed up at intersections waiting for the trains to go by. It seems that at least portions of these lines could easily be elevated to eliminate issues with existing vehicle traffic.

  • Uh, Well. How about that. Living in Eastwood, I found the absence of a Giant Overpass Thingy near Harrisburg and Lockwood interesting. For that matter, I didn’t see anything in the East End Line segment that looked like where they are actually threatening to do construction.