Full Speed Ahead on the Grand Parkway, with ExxonMobil at 12 O’Clock

FULL SPEED AHEAD ON THE GRAND PARKWAY, WITH EXXONMOBIL AT 12 O’CLOCK A 12.1-mile segment of Houston’s newest and largest ring road, connecting the new ExxonMobil campus to the Tomball Parkway — and eventually to Katy — should be open by 2015, says the executive director of the Grand Parkway Association. TxDOT should start acquiring rights of way along Segment F-2 between Hwy. 249 and I-45 later this year, and construction will likely begin within 2 years, David Gornet tells Nancy Sarnoff. [Houston Chronicle; more info]

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  • Whoa, pardner!

    “The parkway segment does not have funding allocated to it yet, said Kelli Petras, a spokeswoman for TxDOT. The state agency has, however, issued requests for proposals on how to develop that part of the Grand Parkway, she said.”

    I’m not that familiar with the politics of road-building, but this doesn’t seem like a done deal just yet.

  • The EIS has been approved for some time – all they need to do is fund to get moving.

  • said by From Extrovert:
    The EIS has been approved for some time – all they need to do is fund to get moving. Where will the money come from? Isn’t the state cutting spending?

  • Can you say eminent domain?

  • It is going PPP. Thats where the funding will come from.

  • Does anyone have a link to a detailed map of the extension of GP north of 290? (I think it’s segment E)Specifically, I’m trying to determine the proximity of this project to property in the Mueshke/Peschel area. Thanks.

  • Sally01, south of 290 is Segment E which has funding and scheduled for letting later this summer. North of 290 is Segment F-1. Its from 290 to 249