Galveston Tar Balls Undisturbed by Oil Spill

GALVESTON TAR BALLS UNDISTURBED BY OIL SPILL “If oil from the spill reaches Texas, it will likely be in the form of tar balls, said Capt. Marcus Woodring, U.S. Coast Guard sector commander for Houston-Galveston. He said tar balls found along Texas shores so far have been analyzed and are not from the spill. Tar balls are common along the Gulf Coast because of minor oil spills and natural seepage, he said. As a precaution, floating barriers are already being placed in washout areas on the Bolivar Peninsula to protect the wetlands behind them, he said.” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • I remember going to Galveston beaches back in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a kid and had to always wash our feet before getting in the car of the tar which would inevitably be on the beaches and in the water. Kind of turned me off to the whole going to the beach thing..

    In more recent years, it appears to be much better. but my early experiences turned me off, I enjoy staying at the hotel pool rather than head to the brown sand and murky water.. This and a few visits to Hawaii and Southern California beaches have spoiled me.

  • i have an idea to plug leaking wellhead…
    put a rubber “warhead” on a submarine torpedo. Put a “smart gps ” on the tip of the torpedo like we did in Iraq (Gulf War — interesting words ) key in the exact
    coordinates of the well pipe. Take torpedo
    to location in a submarine. Fire it off to plug the well… (What do you think??? )