Giving Up the Ghosts of Hyde Park

For the last 7 or so years, the atomic-ranch-era front of this 1929 bungalow at 1710 Welch St. served as the Scott Childress Studio, a hair salon. If you recognize that name, you likely know at least the outline of the rest of the story that goes with it: Childress was found on the floor of the property one Friday morning this past January, beaten to death with a pipe wrench; his roommate, Reginald Eaglin, was charged with the murder. The home was listed for sale in late February, but there’s a contract pending now. How that ends likely depends on a planning commission hearing scheduled for this afternoon. Up for approval: plans by Carnegie Homes to replace the modern-front house and the 2 apartments behind it — all on 7,500 sq. ft. — with 4 townhome lots along a central drive.

Photo: HAR

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  • OK so that’s what that huge sign was talking about that was on the fence… really is a shame that they want to tear it down. It is a really nice house. I live right by it and I don’t see how our neighborhood could benefit for yet another crammed in town home complex.

  • First it was a house. Then it was a house with apartments. Then it was apartments with a business. Now it’s going to be townhomes. Seems logical to me.

  • Just leave the tree alone..

  • Looks like that a fine big old oak that’s gonna hafta go! Gotta make the place development ready! (Sarcasm now, but just you wait (cynicsm))!

  • I love that huge old tree.But,contrary to what Dr.Gupta the developer and owner of Carnegie Homes & Construction told me in an email I received from him earlier this week that the engineering firm ICMC tweaked the site plan to KEEP the tree,we know it’s a goner. Like I believe a developer. The greedy bastards. And Scott Childress’ spirit lives on. That house has some cool graffiti on the rock inside the front fence and on the fence along the east property.

  • Why, they could put a driveway where that tree is!

    “Why” is not a question but rather an expression as in “Y”, they could put a driveway……..

    more sarcasm…but seriously, I do hope they can find a way to save the tree. I’m not a hugger if removal is absolutely necessary, however in this case, it seems that they ~could~ try to keep it.

  • There are city ordinances about cutting down trees over a certain diameter

  • Makes me miss Houston!

  • Isn’t that tree on a city easement anyway? The landowner can’t take it down

  • Thanks for nothing, Houston developers. Let’s Demo it! Demo it all! Slap some townhouses up, yeah, real nice. The slogan for Houston (re: of the “Keep Austin Weird” variety) should be, “Don’t worry, we demoed it.”