Going Away: Wakeforest Apartments

Tenants have already begun moving out of the Wakeforest Apartments just north of 59, reports the Michael Reed in the River Oaks Examiner. The Upper Kirby District TIRZ board voted last week to buy the 101-unit complex, tear it down, and build a new “civic complex” on the property, which sits at the eastern edge of Eastside St.’s Levy Park.

A few farewell views sent in by a reader:


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  • Good news!

    Levy Park is a nice place tucked into the city. Having a community center nearby would encourage more use of the park.

  • AWE!!! I lived there twice, back in the day. In the exact same apartment each time but 8 years apart. It was wonderful. Great location, my apartment had a large window that looked over a tree and then out onto the park. I am surprised it hasn’t gone down already, but I have many memories from there. One of my favorites was watching two of the homeless winos that lived under the bleachers at the park try to fly a kite they had dug out of a dumpster with a bottle of wine in hand.

    Those winos were very respectful of the tenants that lived there. For one thing, they ran off the crack dealers that tried to set up shop there and they would cross the street away from you so you would not feel threatened. It was a bit like living on Cannery Row.

    Franklin, are you out there?