Hamburgers By Gourmet Readies for Relaunch by Space Center Houston

Hamburgers by Gourmet, 1360 E. Nasa Pkwy., Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Defunct 1970’s burger chain Hamburgers By Gourmet appears to be readying for a new takeoff at 1360 NASA 1 Pwky., across the street from the Space Center Houston visitors center parking lot at the junction with King’s Park Ln. A corporate entity connected to a Nassau Bay real estate agent was registered under the Hamburgers By Gourmet name 2 Octobers ago; the new storefront bearing the chain’s old burger-slash-mushroom-reminiscent logo was spotted last week by a keen-eyed user on HAIF.

The newly rebranded building, shown above from the west side, was formerly a Kentucky Fried Chicken prior to its turn-of-the-decade conversion to a Premium Title Lending.


Hamburgers By Gourmet previously had at least 5 locations around Houston, all of which were closed by the early 2000’s. As for an opening date of the new one: the NASA locale is the planned location of a reception of the United States Pilot Association’s Spring Fly-In in early March.

Photo: Lauren Meyers via

Serving up Nostalgia in Nassau Bay

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