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  • Dr. Eric Scheffey lived there and did an extensive remodel in 1989. The third floor tub had to be brought in with a crane through the front wall and the 10 car garages held 3 Testarossas, 3 of those Magnum PI Ferraris, a Porsche 911 and a BMW 750 IL. I was only 19 when I worked there so I remember everything I thought was cool at the time. Oh yeah, he also had a tv that rose out of that cabinet in the Master. Way Gordon Gecko!

  • Beautiful home with “shoes access to the home’s entrance…”

  • At this level why do agents do the 9’s thing? Why not go full gas-station and make it $7,999,999 and 9/10ths?

  • Hah the caption “Who needs a gym membership when you can…”

    Who needs to worry about a $150 monthly gym membership when they live in an $8 million house? Most likely would do any working out at a private club anyway.

  • This listing does have the feel of an agent that’s more used to the <$500k range. At that price range the 9s can actually hurt your listing. No one who is looking for at a house in the 7 millions sees a house that just tops 8 and says, 'oh no, i cant look at that one, it is over budget." Sometimes they would PREFER to buy the same house for $8 million, rather than even $7.95 million. Why live in a 7 million dollar house when you could have lived in an 8 million dollar one??