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  • I like it. If going to have color, go bold or go home.

  • Option pending… pending a hose down with some neutral paint, I’m sure.

    Actually a pretty cool house in a great location. That claw foot tub with the molded glass surround is fantastic. But where does one even look for a yellow fridge?

  • Does this house have two kitchens?

  • I am strangely loving that kitchen. I miss the old neighborhood. We got nothing like that in Corpus.

  • Like the kitchen but fridge needs to be stainless, not flourescent yellow.

  • sooo there is a bedroom Loft? so if there is anyone in the living room they can hear pillow talk?

  • “From coraliekilgore:
    sooo there is a bedroom Loft? so if there is anyone in the living room they can hear pillow talk?”

    Judging from the area its in, more like pillow biting….

  • I’m confused. Three sinks in the master bedroom bathroom?

  • #8, Jerry

    Looks like there is a mirror…

  • weird set up, and not sure how two kitchens work within a family, but the best HISD elementary school up to 8th grade, Wilson Montessori School is just around the corner.

  • Wowza! I love this place and would live there in a minute.
    Would have to change a few of the wall colors, though, as hot purple and creamy carnation cause me reflux. (And the Dungeon/Study might be repurposed.) But wowza!
    I suppose I’m commenting because just today I watched “Boys Night Out” on TCM, a forgettable-then, fascinating-now madcap romantic comedy from 1962 with Kim Novak, Tony Randall, James Garner… and there was a freakin turquoise kitchen not unlike this lemon one! Refrigerator and all cabinets totally bright turquoise.

  • Cool! My buyers just told me today that this photo was on here!
    We just closed this sale today (I represented buyer and seller) and the buyers have big plans to neutralize and take out this lemon yellow kitchenette! It really is a cool property, GREAT location. Just needs someone to love it – and these awesome buyers do!