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  • So, what’s the telescope for?

  • Maintenance Fee: $1375 monthly

  • The interior finishes are very suburban production home.

  • @Benjy: Definitely, I would have liked to see something a little more of an urban loft feeling. That view of the Esperson building though… gorgeous.

  • HOA might be more than your mortgage. Of course if you bought this, i doubt you would have a mortgage.

  • I can see people swimming in this pool from my office window.

  • Are you one of those people who has a hard time deciding if they want to pay monthly rent on an apartment or own a home and pay a mortgage and property taxes?

    Why settle for less when you can do both! Buy this over priced condo for the price of a new townhouse or historic bungalow located just 2-3 miles away AND pay the price of rent in the form of maintenance fees!

    Perks include a gym you will almost never use, over priced party rooms for rent, and parking spaces you will never use after you abandon your car to show how “green” you are.

  • I remember that there was a condo for sale at that tower on Montrose by the Greek church. I think it was like a 2/1, surprisingly reasonable price, 300k or something, like 200$/sq ft.
    Then I saw the maintenance fee. 1400$. At least on this property your mortgage will be higher than your maintenance fee…