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  • Happiness is expensive.

  • Love the orange dog a la Jeff Koons in the main hallway.. Overall , I like the design /decor. The views are killer…

  • They will lose those killer views when the high rise is built right next to them.

  • Tax Appraised for just over $400,000, and asking for nearly $900,000? Interesting.

  • @Toasty, tax appraisals have very little to do with actual market value, they should be thankful that HCAD is not very competent.

    I’ve lived in a highrise for a couple of years with excellent downtown views and I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s not worth it. The novelty of the view wears off in a month and after 3 months you don’t even remember you have a view. Then the pain in the ass of daily elevator rides, parking garages, and worst of all noisy neighbors kicks in.

  • @commonsense: which building?

  • Memorial By Windsor. The downtown was perfectly framed by the large living room window. I had to keep the shades down most of the time because the sun would fry everything inside. On the weekends I heard the GUY upstairs come back after the club at 3 a.m. in HIGH HEELS, typical for Montrose. The concrete slabs would also nicely carry base from everyone’s music or even TV from the floor above and below. One of those new construction townhomes that everyone hates would have been a better choice.

  • Toasty: Find their tax protester and hire them. tax value = market value. The fact the tax value is that low (assuming comps show their asking price is fair) is a GOOD THING. Means a much lower tax bill for the owner. If the tax value was $100k even better. I’m surprised at how many people want a high tax value for their property?
    Best example I have are the fourplexes on w. main. All side by side. Same (5k SF) lot size. Same layouts. I owed 3 of the four. One was owned by someone else. vacant. boarded up. squatters. Stripped inside. etc. All three of mine were on the tax records for LESS than his (even though I replaced roofs, added central air, replaced windows, new kitchens, etc). Reason is I protested my value, he did not.

  • Is that a fish eye lens or is that a lot of men’s shoes?