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  • Your honor, if it pleases the court, I present exhibit “A” on why pedestal sinks should be illegal in this state…

  • @Native Houstonian: Don’t be hatin’ – pedestal sinks are perfect in half baths on the first floor where all you do is Number 1 or 2. If the bathroom is going to be used for more, they are not practical.

  • @Native Houstonian: Actually that isn’t a pedestal sink. It’s one of Ikea’s : http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60148329/#/20148331 And yes, I realize now I spend far too much time looking through their catalog when I can recognize their stuff in such a bad photo. I mean really.. I wonder sometimes what these Realtors who take their own photos are thinkng when they choose what to highlight. They get a max of 32 pics to sell a house with and choose to show someone’s messy sink and their own reflection in the mirror above? Ugh.