How a 5-Story Office Building Might Cozy Up to the Katy Fwy. Feeder Just West of T.C. Jester

With a few exceptions, new buildings are required to sit back 25 ft. from their property lines along major thoroughfares in Houston —  lending the city’s feeder roads, for example, their familiar drive-right-up demeanor. But the Gold Quest Group wants to do things a little differently along the westbound Katy Fwy. feeder, west of T.C. Jester.

The rendering at top, from architecture firm BDC Nomadas, shows the feeder-hugging 5-story office building Gold Quest is proposing: its 3 stories of offices on top of 2 garage levels are set back just 10 ft. from the property line. A 10-ft.-deep berm would block most of the lower-level parking from street view. Not pictured: the garden planned atop its roof.


How did Gold Quest’s request go over at last week’s planning commission meeting? The staff proposed deferring any decision on it until it can gather more information from the developer.

Rendering and site plan: BDC Nomadas via Houston Planning Commission Agenda. Map: Houston Planning Commission.

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