How To Bring the Mall Closer to Main Street: Katy Shows the Way

Just line that short central driveway through your new power-center parking lot with a small number of stores and head-in parking. Fortify the freeway frontage with an FM-1960-worthy strip of more than the usual number of pad sites, and build the whole thing next to a mall! Next problem?

Introducing the new Katy Main Street, a just-announced 86-acre shopping center named for the short strip of 4 retail buildings meant to line its gullet.

The mixed-use development is designed to include 485,000 square feet of retail space, 500,000 square feet of office space and a full-service hotel and convention center at the southwest corner of Interstate 10 and Pin Oak Road in Katy.

All this . . . just across the street from the Katy Mills Mall!


Also on board: a grocery store, rumored to be HEB. Jennifer Dawson writes in the Houston Business Journal that Woodcreek Development and BPI Realty Services won’t be building the whole thing at once:

Katy Main Street’s small phase one development will include approximately 25,000 square feet of speculative retail space next to the Walgreen’s, as well as several pad sites for a bank and restaurants. Future phases of the project are expected to be constructed in 2010.

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  • How is this different than Sugar Land’s Town Center?

    The positive side to Sugar Land’s version is that it is adjacent to the Mall versus being across the street.

    I would prefer this project to occur in the Katy Mills parking lot. The removed parking can go into parking garages.

    The 2010 target for next phases to me is an assumption the credit markets will have work themselves out so they can get funding. The demand is there for this, just not the financing.

  • This is to Katy Mills Mall as Town and County Village was to Town and Country Mall. So expect a new CityCentre in 2020 in the place of up and coming dead Katy Mills Mall.

    I agree with you kjb434, this belongs right beside the mall, so they can truly benefit each other. No one is going to walk across a busy street and across a parking lot to each destination. This essentially is competition for Katy Mills, not an extension.

  • Yeah I was lookin at the aerial view and was trying to make sense of it because it didn’t seem right. I naturally assumed it was being laid out in the mall parking lot, not across the street. Nope, this strikes me as foolish that it’s not IN the mall lot. There’s tons of room there and it would be a natural extension to the mini lake that Bass Pro Shops has already there. This really is competition to the mall. What won’t they think of next?

  • I knew it! I knew they were going to build something big. why else would hotels start popping up out of nowhere? obviously there not stopping there. somthing even biger has got to be in the works…(theme park?)