Inside the New Whole Foods 365 Opening Along the N. Loop Feeder Road

Checkout lines at the new 365 by Whole Foods Market stretched about halfway to the back of the store during its opening yesterday as Independence Heights grocery pioneers crowded in to get a first look at the place — the chain’s tenth 365 store since the branding originated in 2015. None of the neighboring tenants are open yet in the adjacent strip center that stretches north along Yale St. But the 30,000-sq.-ft. grocery store’s 2 in-house restaurants are.

Juice Society (signage pictured at top) specializes in liquids while Peli Peli Kitchen deals South African food from this counter-serve spot:


Signs quoting Amazon Prime members better prices crop up in the aisles:

And by the checkout:

While seasonal puns appeal to a broader customer base:

Outside, the photographer reports parking was jammed back into the fire zone near the fence that bounds the former industrial-park property — previously home to Neff Rental and Potter’s House Christian Church.

(And not all the cars in the electric car spots were electric.)

But those who made it into the building at 101 N. Loop West found it fully stocked — with boxes full of boxes piled high:

And even a flower and succulent area to brighten up the wait for self-checkout:

Photos: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool

Prime Members Welcome

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  • Why build just a 365? The Heights is should be ground zero for a regular Whole Foods.

    Target did the same thing on I-10 @ Taylor only to see that store being overrun.

  • cb, the Heights (greater area) isn’t all affluent, despite the invasion of townhouses. An intermediate-cost modern supermarket concept located north of 610 should meet a big need for customers in Independence Heights and other nearby neighborhoods that want more in a supermarket than a convenience store, Foodarama or Sad Kroger on 20th.

  • miz brooke is correct, no need for a whole foods market on the north side of town, the 365 will better serve the community that is north of 610 and the surrounding area. If the folks in the heights want to go to a whole foods, they can venture to the one south of them on Waugh; not to mention the new HEB set to open on Shepherd that will serve the heights.

  • @CB: I’ve lived in the Heights for 5 years and have a fancy job with a big oil company. But there’s no way I can justify spending Whole Foods kind of money on groceries. We do love their products and selection and go there to buy stuff for special occasions like when we are having friends over, but no way we could do that as our regular supermarket. So I’m looking forward to seeing what 365 has to offer.
    And of course waiting for the HEB to open.

  • First trip last night. I got everything i needed and was stunned to see strawberries for 95 cents for a large container. Yes i need to eat them today but can’t beat that. This store is a great addition to the area. They seem to have taken some of the best aspects of Trader Joe’s and Central Market into consideration as well. It was more than I was expecting. I personally don’t find WFM store brand prices any more expensive than any other store. But I don’t buy meat and dairy as a vegan so maybe that makes a difference in the bill for me. We will be using this store regularly.