Is This Going To Be the Next Hermann Dr. Highrise?

Yesterday, a HAIF user posted this rendering of what appears to be that twisty 42-story apartment tower Tema Development is considering building right next to its Parklane condos on Hermann Dr. This rendering of the “Helix Tower” sure matches the description provided by the Swamplot reader who saw the plans for the Corgan-designed highrise last week at a Museum Park neighborhood association meeting.


This rendering shows the tower on the corner of Jackson and Hermann, sharing the lot, bordered on the north by Ewing, with Tema Development’s 35-story Parklane.

Renderings: via HAIF user Juanitos Superior

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  • Interesting, but I do not think it is the final result. It looks too much like a regular highrise that has been twisted a bit with AutoCAD.

  • Looks like it’s leaning. Can that be?

  • The Leaning Tower of Htown?

  • lmao, Heyzeus you beat me to it!!

  • The lower picture shows that the building is straight and the lean is just an optical illusion. The two leaning towers in Aria in Vegas are mildly cool.

  • That neighborhood is getting screwed.

  • I like the rendering with a future downtown in the background, sprinkled with a couple more inconspicuous supertalls.

  • The top image in this post is floating around several sites, but there is a larger version at skyscraperpage that shows more of the surrounding landscape. Judging from the building to the left and lamp posts to the right in that image, the top image in this post is severely skewed. Dramatic effect? When I run it through photoshop and correct those peripheral details so they are vertical and not leaning, the building looks a lot more conventional. But it is still very impressive.

  • i say build to the skies no matter how twisted it gets… some people just need to get over having towers in their neighborhoods. if you dont like it take a drive out to a zoned city… wasssup!!

  • Looks like Santiago Calatrava’s Twisting Torso residential tower in Malmo, Sweden. Should go well with the copy of the Aqua going up on Weslayan.

  • The story has been updated with a perspective-corrected version of the rendering.

  • Would that make it the tallest residential in Houston or is the one on Wesleyan taller?

  • I like it, but how can you trust it will get built to this design with downtown in background altered–why alter a great skyline –doesn’t exactly make you credible –building cool tho, yes

  • As a resident of this neighborhood (living at 1400 Hermann Drive), I’m concerned these renderings do not show how close this building will actually be to the neighboring Park Lane. They will be like siblings, and most people will see them together. Yet the rendering shows the building in isolation. Typical developer BS. Some people in the Park Lane will be loosing their view.

  • I don’t like it. The Parklane, custerfuck though it turned out to be, has an understated elegance to it. It’s a little staid in a way that I wish that this was too.

    That being said, I think that this is a very good site for a rental highrise and I wish them the best.

  • I like it. Build build build.

  • Nice “Twist” on what is essentially a box. Looks cool though. I love all the action going on in Houston reminds me of the old days, during Pennzoil,Heritage Plaza,early Houston Center development. Keep’um coming YES!!

  • Now, that’s Houston.

  • Theresa…your so right…1400 Hermann is the greatest highrise on the Park…perfect placing right across from the Rose Garden..lived there a lot of years…

  • Where on the site is the building proposed to go (how close to parklane?) And why is parklane a cluster?

  • Is this under construction yet?

  • That’s not the downtown skyline in the background. It’s the galleria…