Lawsuit-Limboed Chronicle Building Now Dressing in Black, Slowly Going to Pieces Downtown

Former Houston Chronicle Building, 801 Texas Ave., Downtown, Houston, 77002

No wrecking balls are swinging this morning at 801 Texas, but a reader notes that some of the glass panels of the southern facade are being draped in long swaths of black material, while others have already been removed. What about that lawsuit over tunnel rights that forced developer Hines not to demolish the building back in April? Documents filed with the district clerk’s office show that plaintiff Theatre Square did get the court to issue a temporary stop on any work “demolishing, damaging, interfering with, filling in, impacting or otherwise physically impairing” that particular piece of the former Chronicle building’s basement (which Theater Square wants for the purpose of building a tunnel system connection to its own property across Prairie St.) The court chose to modify that order in mid July, however, to clarify that Hines can demolish, damage, interfere with, fill in, impact or impair the section in ways that are reasonably necessary to design and build a new building on the site.


Furthermore, the documents indicate that Theater Square will have to pay Hines back for the cost of protecting the basement section, and has had to post a $468,582 bond to prove they can do so (after having given the court $50,000 in June). Hines has to give Theater Square advance notice of work the company would be billed for; disagreements that can’t be resolved can go back to the court.

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Coming Apart At The Seams

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  • Just once, I wish Hines would not get his way. Has anyone ever said no to him??

  • Same could be said for Linbeck.

  • @roadchick: What’s the problem with tearing down this mish mash disaster of a set of buildings? There’s no saving what’s there.

  • @JD, it’s not the buildings, but the ground beneath them. Hines wants to cut off possible tunnel access between this property and a competitor’s across the street. Although a temporary injunction was just granted. We’ll see how it plays out in court.