Lightly Sterilized Beach Lagoons Planned for Land Tejas’s Bayou City Suburbs

Balmoral Master Plan, Humble, TX

Crystal Lagoon marketing shotsLand Tejas’s Scottish-castle-themed Balmoral development in Humble (sketched out above) is 1 of 2 currently planned Houston-area locations for fake lake maker Crystal Lagoons’s giant outdoor pools, Candace Carlisle reports. The sand-bottomed water feature will be around 1.5 acres, and a similar 8.5-acre pool is planned for a different Land Tejas development (though the actual location of that one hasn’t yet been announced). As it does in the demo lake shown here, the lagoon company plans to keep the water in the pools much clearer than is typical of the area’s bayous and beaches (or even of the stormwater-detaining landscaping lakes typically accompanying such developments) by using a soundwave- and flocculation-based filtration system. Bacteria and algae would also be kept at swimmable levels with a set of sensor-and-Internet-controlled disinfectant injectors.


Crystal Lagoons CEO Uri Man opened a Dallas office of the Florida-based company late last year, with the prediction that Texas would become the company’s biggest market. In addition to pushing the water features to developers, the company is also currently marketing the same technologies used in the lagoons for their industrial potential, including in cooling and seawater desalination processes.

Here’s a look at one of the company’s other lakes:

Crystal Lagoon marketing shots

Images: Crystal Lagoons (Crystal Lagoons promotional photos); Land Tejas (Balmoral master plan)

Humble Lakemakers

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