Looking in on the Mods

Future architect Brinn Miracle takes readers on an in-depth exploration of all 9 homes that were featured in the Art Institute of Houston’s Modern Home Tour earlier this month, pointing out the kinds of issues that might not be so apparent from promo photos: “The one flaw I couldn’t overlook was the lack of door to the master bathroom. While its true that couples ‘share everything’, I doubt that anyone would want to be walked in on while using the toilet. The problem, as you’ll see in the photo, is that the entrance to the bathroom faces a huge mirror –– with a direct reflection of anyone sitting on the toilet. You have to walk past this bathroom entrance in order to leave the master bedroom, so unless your partner is okay with you dashing past while looking the other way, you’ll be stuck in the bedroom until the um…business…is done. How two people are supposed to get ready in the mornings is beyond me. ‘Honey, please go brush your teeth in bed while I take a leak. I’ll let you know when I’m finished.’ While this oversight put a damper on the project, it was very well thought out otherwise.” Also included: Miracle treatment of Collaborative Designworks’ Hyde Park Double.

Photos of 1818 Palm St., by Intexure Architects: Brinn Miracle

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  • I have a house with a large master bathroom that doesn’t have a door. However, the toilet room actually has a half door (swinging door, like the old western saloons) so no problem with privacy. The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done.

  • I don’t care how wonderfully aesthetic or clean lines or designy it is. All bathrooms must have a door and a lock. Period.

  • I grew up in a one-bathroom house and don’t really see the issue. If it bugs you or your partner, just wait until they are done or use the other bathroom. Or look the other way or hang a curtain or something.

  • ‘Honey, please go brush your teeth in bed while I take a leak. I’ll let you know when I’m finished.’

    ha! i think it’s safe to say many couples pee and brush teeth in same room with or without doors. if not, then i guess im totally gross!

  • I say take it to another level and make the exterior walls in the restroom glass ;)

  • Sorry, but neither my wife nor I have any desire to see the other dropping a growler. It’s just not appropriate. Maybe there will be an allowance for construction of walls and a door for a water closet.

  • Jason, you are not alone.

  • Looks like one of those ‘swinging doors’ could be added with little problem.

    But what does that doorway to the man’s right lead to?

    And why is she taking his photo?

  • Mirror in front of the toilet, EW! No door on the bathroom EW, EW!! Sick bastards.

  • Are sinks like those really useful? Seems like the traditional oval shaped undermount sinks are much better.

  • I drive by the Hillcroft house all the time, absolutely beautiful. I just think the placement of the car garage is really awkward. I think they could have used a detached format.

  • We just got a new shower enclosure in our master bath. The contractor was really pushing a hinged glass door, which we didn’t want because it would block the toilet alcove. We wanted sliding glass as was originally installed. The contractor couldn’t imagine that anyone would be concerned about toilet access when someone else was using the shower. He really couldn’t conceive of it. (he was of foreign ancestry, maybe they’re more modest over there or something.)

  • Apparently match.com needs to add another question to the old love matrix: “prefer audience or privacy when visiting the loo”. There is an awesome modern house just off the village which has the same, um, feature. I had to stop visualizing placement of my furniture when I realized there was no barrier between the bedroom and bathroom– but that’s what a contractor and checkbook are for!